Discrediting the Cat Psychopath Misconception: Perspectives from Feline Behavior Expert Dr. Mikel Delgado, PhD


Recent headlines claiming that cats may be psychopaths have stirred controversy among cat enthusiasts. These sensationalized reports stem from a study with questionable methodology. Feline behaviorist Mikel Delgado, PhD, with over two decades of experience in the field, has taken a critical look at this study and provided valuable insights.

The Flawed Study:

The study suggests that cats might exhibit psychopathic traits due to a supposed lack of research in the area. However, as Mikel Delgado astutely points out, the absence of a specific questionnaire does not validate the need to explore traits that may not exist in cats.

Mikel’s Perspective:

Delving deeper into the study, Mikel raises a crucial question: have the researchers truly experienced life with cats? Her extensive background in feline behavior gives her a unique vantage point in debunking these claims.

The Reality:

In her article on the blog “What Your Cat Wants,” Mikel dismantles the notion that cats can be psychopaths. Her wealth of experience and knowledge leads to a clear conclusion: your cat is not a psychopath.


It’s essential to approach sensationalized headlines with a critical eye, especially when it comes to the complex behavior of our feline companions. Mikel Delgado’s expertise provides a valuable perspective on the debunked study. Rest assured, your cat’s behavior is rooted in their unique nature, not in psychopathy.

About Mikel Delgado, PhD:

With over two decades of experience in feline behavior, Mikel Delgado, PhD, brings a wealth of expertise to the field. As a former postdoctoral researcher at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, she continues to contribute valuable insights into understanding and appreciating our feline friends.

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