Expert Advice: Calming Your Cat During Thunderstorms with 6 Proven Techniques

Thunderstorms can induce significant stress in cats, even though their reactions might differ from dogs. While dogs might manifest their fear with destructive behavior, cats tend to display anxiety in their own way. Understanding what precisely triggers this anxiety – whether it’s the flashes of lightning, the howling winds, or the drumming rain – remains uncertain. Some pets may even exhibit signs of distress well in advance of a storm, possibly in response to shifts in barometric pressure.

Unlike dogs, cats typically seek refuge under beds or in quiet, dimly lit corners during a storm. They usually don’t progress to a phobic state; instead, they patiently wait out the tempest in their chosen safe space. Nevertheless, there are strategies you can employ to provide comfort to your feline friend during stormy weather.

Here are six expert tips on how to help your cat cope with thunderstorms:

  • Furnish Safe Hiding Spots
    If your cat has a go-to hiding spot under the bed or in a closet, consider adding more cozy hiding places. “Igloo style” cat beds or cave beds can be an excellent option. When strategically placed in areas frequented by both you and your cat, they might choose these beds over cowering beneath furniture.
  • Natural Calming Remedies
    Products like Storm Soother or Rescue Remedy, administered before a storm arrives, can be effective in keeping your kitty calm. Pheromone plug-ins like Comfort Zone with Feliway can also create a soothing atmosphere. Use them in the area where your cat typically seeks refuge during storms.
  • Maintain a Calm Demeanor
    Cats are highly attuned to their owners’ emotions. If you’re anxious, your cat is likely to mirror that sentiment. Offer reassurance, but do so in moderation. Dismiss the misconception that comforting your cat during a storm reinforces fear. As long as you remain composed and interact with your cat as usual, it will provide the necessary assurance that everything is alright.
  • Consider Anxiety Wraps
    While the Thundershirt anxiety wrap, designed to exert gentle pressure for a calming effect, can benefit some cats, it may not be universally effective. Since most cats aren’t fond of being swaddled, it’s important to acclimate them to it before a storm.
  • Desensitization
    If you reside in an area where thunderstorms are a regular occurrence, desensitization could be a viable approach. This method gradually exposes your cat to mild reminders of a storm, like a recording of distant thunder, while rewarding them for staying composed. The aim is to diminish the response over time.
  • Consult a Veterinarian for Medication
    In severe cases of thunderstorm anxiety, seeking guidance from a veterinarian is advisable. They can prescribe anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication to help your cat remain calm during storms.

Does your cat experience fear during thunderstorms? Share your strategies for comforting them in such situations.

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