Ask the Cat Behaviorist with Laura Cassiday: Jealousy, Feeding Frenzy & More


Laura Cassiday, a certified cat behavior consultant, shares her expertise in addressing various cat behavior queries. From jealousy between feline companions to feeding frenzies, Laura provides insightful advice to help cat guardians navigate their pets’ behaviors.

  • Jealousy between Cats:
    Question: Pauletta seeks advice on dealing with her two 7-year-old cat brothers, Max and Gus. Max displays bullying behavior towards Gus, especially when receiving attention. Laura explains that cat relationships are complex and not solely defined by dominance. She advises on resource distribution and suggests spreading out important resources to reduce conflict.
  • Feeding Frenzy:
    Question: Kristin is troubled by her cats’ relentless pursuit of food, leading to counter-jumping and trash-can raids. Laura emphasizes the importance of vet check-ups to rule out medical causes. She advocates for adjusting feeding routines to align with cats’ natural grazing behavior, recommending multiple small meals per day.
  • Mousey Meowing:
    Question: Lynette wonders why her cat, Rocky, meows persistently while playing with a toy mouse. Laura suggests that this behavior is a form of communication and may be Rocky’s way of showing off his hunting skills. She encourages providing positive reinforcement to strengthen the bond.
  • Licking the Walls:
    Question: Connie seeks advice on her Siamese cat’s habit of licking walls. Laura emphasizes the importance of ruling out medical issues first. She explores potential behavioral causes, such as stress or boredom, and recommends consulting a veterinarian or behavior consultant for further assistance.
  • Cats and Dogs:
    Question: Teresa’s friend’s new cat is struggling to get along with a Mastiff dog. Laura suggests using management techniques, desensitization, and counter-conditioning to help the cat feel safe around the dog. She highlights the need for patience and gradual introduction to build trust.
  • Itchy Cat:
    Question: Crystal’s indoor cat is scratching excessively despite wearing a flea collar. Laura advises a visit to the vet to rule out underlying medical issues. She recommends exploring different flea prevention methods and considering potential allergens that may be causing the itching.
  • Spraying Cats:
    Question: Stacy faces a challenge with one of her cats spraying despite having 20 cats in her household. Laura explains that spraying is a territorial behavior and suggests strategies to address resource competition, such as providing adequate hiding spots and scratching posts. She also recommends thorough cleaning and offers insights on potential re-homing considerations.


Laura Cassiday’s expertise sheds light on a range of cat behavior issues, offering valuable advice and strategies for cat guardians to create a harmonious environment for their furry companions.

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