Digital Games for Cats: High-Tech Playtime or a Feline Faux Pas?


In recent years, the proliferation of digital games designed for feline entertainment has raised questions about their impact on cats’ well-being. While studies have shown that watching cat videos online can be beneficial for humans, the same may not hold true for our furry companions. This article delves into the world of digital games for cats, exploring their potential pros and cons, and whether they can truly serve as a satisfying substitute for real playtime.

Digital Games for Cats: A Double-Edged Sword

  • Limited Sensory Experience:
    • While digital games may captivate a cat’s visual attention, they fall short in providing a comprehensive sensory experience. Cats thrive on tactile sensations, scents, and the nuanced feedback from their whiskers – elements that are conspicuously absent from screen-based play.
  • Potential for Confusion and Frustration:
    • Mikel Delgado, a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, underscores a critical concern: the disconnect between a cat’s natural expectations and the digital realm. Cats rely on a physical world governed by certain laws of physics and nature. Engaging with virtual prey on a screen may lead to confusion and frustration, potentially diminishing the appeal of these games.
  • Risk of Substituting Genuine Playtime:
    • The allure of digital games should not overshadow the irreplaceable benefits of real playtime. Genuine interaction between a cat and its human is an integral aspect of play that fosters bonding, mental stimulation, and physical exercise. Over-reliance on digital entertainment may inadvertently deprive cats of these vital experiences.

Personal Insights:

While some cats may show fleeting interest in digital games, my own experience echoes the sentiments shared by experts. My feline companions exhibit minimal fascination with screen-based entertainment, preferring the genuine sights and sounds of the world outside our windows.


Digital games for cats represent a technological foray into feline entertainment, yet their efficacy remains a topic of debate. While they may momentarily captivate a cat’s attention, they fall short in providing a holistic play experience. As responsible cat guardians, we must balance the allure of high-tech playtime with the genuine interactions that are essential for our cats’ well-being and happiness.

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